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Height: 5’0 Age: 19
Starting: 126 lbs. 
Current: 105 lbs.
This has been (and continues to be) a long journey for me, to say the least. 126 was not my highest, which was probably nearly 140 lbs. at one point. My goal is to ultimately just feel comfortable in my own skin, to be able to walk throughout my day without feeling my own weight suffocating my bones, that has always been more important to me than a number on a scale, or even an image in the mirror. I’ve been battling this for as long as I remember, maybe even around 8 or 9 if I had to pinpoint it. The women on my father’s side have genetic obesity issues, every one of them are over 300 pounds and that has always terrified me. Due to my height, it’s always been hard to not appear stubby regardless. I would be lying if I said that in the beginning I didn’t resort to unhealthy modes of weight loss- they NEVER worked. Starving yourself does not make you thin, please trust me. Whenever people would tell me that growing up, I thought they were lying to me because they were trying to keep me from being skinny. Finally this past summer I made a promise to myself to eat HEALTHY, and exercise. I was exhausted from not letting myself do things in the summertime with friends because I didn’t think I deserved to. I’ve done so much research it’s unbelievable, while balancing college and traveling 4 hours every day. Fitness and weight loss is a science, and you have to give your body only what it naturally needs. This is why I changed to a PALEO lifestyle this past month, and I feel better than ever. My next goal is to really tone up before next summer, but I will never let go of the healthy lifestyle I’ve adapted. I didn’t have much of anyone to go to throughout all of this, so if anyone ever needs any support I would more than love to be there for you and help as much as I can, I know how much it could really help, and I know how it feels to feel that your life is being taken over by this.

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The truth about weight loss

I know that everyone thinks not eating is the way to lose weight but its not and i too have thought this i decided not eating would make me lose weight fast and easy but im becoming obsessed with my weight and what i eat and if im losing and its actually scaring  me. i have decided that i will eat good healthy meals and with track i will have enough outtake of calories to balance it out and still lose weight i know that it will take longer then starving myself but when i reach my goal weight i don’t want to feel like shit and have my hair falling out because of all the nutrience i deprived from my body and be afraid to eat because my body will gain it back. i want to be happy and healthy and be able to still eat and not gain.

you have to eat to lose weight plan and simple. Dont believe me look it up, its basic science.

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uhuhuhuhuh. can’t wait


uhuhuhuhuh. can’t wait

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goal to be 120 by christmas

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so depressed about my body right now